Canyon Market's Charitable Giving Programs

A little about how our donations program works:

Giving back to our community is very important to us as a neighborhood grocer. There are countless organizations deserving of support, and we feel we can make the biggest impact when we focus our contributions to a couple themes. We primarily support schools and non-profit (501 c3) arts organizations within San Francisco.

One way we do this is through our Scrip program, whereby 10% of each gift card sold is donated to your child's school. For more information about this program, please email Janet Tarlov at

Another way we frequently donate is in the form of gift cards for auctions and raffles. Actual food is harder (ironically!) because it requires staff schedules being altered and extra labor to get the order together. Also, we rarely have leftover food to donate. (We are a long time partner with Food Runners, who picks up our bread, though.)

Catering platters or items off our catering menu are not eligible for discounts or donations. However, items from our prepared foods section are sometimes possible when it is ordered in bulk and the organization platters the food. We also can order some cases of food wholesale for you. That's one we really like: it's easy for us and a high value for the organization requesting.

Please note that all donations must be picked up at the store.

For consideration of a donation, please fill out our donation request form and return it to us via email or in person at least five weeks in advance of the date the donation is needed.

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