Thanksgiving Menu

All our food is made fresh from scratch right here in our market. We bake all of our own organic bread on-premise, and most produce is organic too. Orders can be placed via phone at 415-586-9999 ext. 120 or in-person with one of our staff.

Earliest pick up time
Saturday, Nov 18th at 7am

All orders must be placed by
Monday, Nov 20th at 5pm

(V)  Vegan   •   (VG)  Vegetarian   •   (DF)  Dairy-free   •   (GF)  Made without ingredients that contain gluten

bn ranch fresh birds

Each year we feature superior free-range raw turkeys raised by our friend and natural meat industry icon, Bill Niman. Non-GMO verified. Cooking instructions are included.

Heritage Turkey  $7.59 / lb  
Bill Niman's own heritage flock; a cross-breed of Rhode Island Red & Blackhorn sheepshead—mostly dark meat, thinner breasts, lean, and amazingly flavorful.
10-14 lbs  •  14-18 lbs  •  18-22 lbs   

Broad Breasted White Turkey  $4.59 / lb
8-10 lbs  •  10-14 lbs  •  14-18 lbs  •  18-22 lbs  

Broad Breasted White Turkey, Bone-in Half Breast  $7.99 / lb
2-4 lbs



more fresh birds

Cooking instructions are included.

Mary's Non-GMO Raw Turkey  $4.19 / lb
8-12 lbs  •  12-16 lbs

Diestel Organic Petite Raw Turkey  $6.99 / lb
6-10 lbs



fully cooked
turkey options

Orange-Glazed Turkey Breast  $14.99 / lb
Thick tender slices poached in a housemade orange sauce.
 2-4 lbs  •  4-6 lbs

Diestel Oven-Roasted Whole Turkey  $5.99 / lb  
Pre-cooked and prepared by Diestel and sold cold. Heating instructions are included.
12-14 lbs

Diestel Whole Smoked Turkey  $5.99 / lb
Pre-cooked and prepared by Diestel and sold cold. Heating instructions are included.
10-12 lbs


Blue Lake Beans & Shallots (V)  $8.99 / quart

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (VG)  $7.49 / pint

Caramelized Carrots & Shallots (VG)  $6.99 / pint 

Brussels Sprouts (V)  $6.99 / pint
With mint & arugula. 

Autumn Roasted Vegetables (V, GF)  $5.99 / pint 
Roasted fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, and tender slices of fennel root dressed in olive oil and fresh herbs.

Baked Yams, Apples, & Pears (VG)  $7.99 / pint

Creamed Spinach (VG)  $9.99 per 3/4 pint


Squash & Pear soup (V)  $11.99 / quart

Kale & Feta Salad (VG, GF)  $4.99 / quart
With thin slices of red onion and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Wild Rice Salad (VG, GF)  $11.99 / pint
Hearty wild rice studded with bell pepper, green onions, and dried cranberries, sweetened with a honeyed raspberry vinaigrette.


Traditional Stuffing  $7.99 / pint
With chicken & sage sausage.  

Cornbread Stuffing (VG)  $6.99 / pint

Turkey Gravy  $7.49 / pint

Mushroom Gravy (V)  $6.99 / pint

Fresh Cranberry Sauce (V)  $6.99 per 3/4 pint

Turkey Stock (DF)  $6.99 / quart

Complete turkey dinner

Our complete turkey dinner includes the following items. No substitutions.
$199 serves 8-10

A whole oven-roasted Diestel turkey (12-14 lbs) 

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (VG)

Blue Lake Beans (V)

Traditional Stuffing

Cranberry Sauce (V)

Turkey Gravy

Pull-Apart Challah Dinner Rolls (VG)

Pumpkin Pie (VG)

Pull-Apart Challah Dinner Rolls (VG)  $5.99
Available Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. 7 rolls.

Pumpkin Pie (VG)  $21.99
9 inches.  

Pecan Pie (VG, GF)  $22.99
9 inches.

Apple Pie (VG)  $22.99
9 inches.

bread & desserts

All breads and desserts are housemade with organic ingredients.