Neighborhood market
in Glen park,
San francisco

featuring food and products good for your health and wellness


Canyon Market is the neighborhood's full-service grocery since 2006.

We customize our service and products to the needs of our immediate community. We are an independent, full-service market, run by Janet and Richard Tarlov and a wonderful team of enthusiastic employees, mostly local residents.

From coffee in the morning to pastries after dinner, we provide all the needs for everyday eating, holiday entertaining and special occasions. We are part of an emerging trend of urban hybrid markets that fuse the traditional groceries with natural groceries and specialty lines, all tailored to the neighborhood.


Canyon Market works to add value to the life of the neighborhood by sharing knowledge about food, cooking and care of the body and home.  We promote clean, wholesome, delicious food and the people who grow, harvest and prepare it.  We champion our diverse staff: they’re critical to the preparation and sharing of our products with customers and with each other.  To realize these values, we strive to work in sustainable ways, partnering with producers who add life to the soil, treat our waterways and oceans with care, and bring vitality to the community we work in.  



Parking Tips

There is parking along both the Diamond and Wilder street sides of Canyon Market. Wilder street has the most available parking. Please do not block the driveways of our neighbors. 

It is hardest to park between 5 pm and 7:30 pm when local restaurants are busy. There is almost always parking one block away on Arlington street (end of Wilder).

After 2pm Canyon customers are welcome to park in the yellow loading zone on Wilder, and in our driveway curb cut. Canyon Market does not have a parking lot, but there are 280 parking spots on the street within a few blocks radius of the store. As a courtesy, we will happily walk your groceries to your car or provide curb service for drive-by / pick-up after you shop.

Public Transport

We are right by Glen Park BART station, the Glen Park MUNI Metro stop, and accessible via MUNI bus lines 23, 26, 35, 36, 44, & 52.

Disabled Access

The store is completely accessible from both entrances. The Diamond street entrance & exit is on-grade while Wilder street exit has a ramp. The curbs outside of the store have new curb-cut yellow, textured ramps.



Contact Us

Do you have any comments, suggestions, questions, inquiries? Let us know, we'd be happy to hear them!

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(415) 586-9999


2815 Diamond Street
San Francisco, CA 94131


From 7am—9pm daily

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