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Canyon MarketCanyon Market is owned by Janet and Richard Tarlov who are food industry veterans. This is our first store and is the fruit of several years of work, much of it on the financing and construction of the space that we occupy. We live just minutes away and enjoy working and living in our community. With two young children, it helps to be close to school and home, too. We and our fantastic, dedicated staff of 80 love talking with our customers and we look forward to meeting you in the store. We have an active suggestion box and suggestion board, or you can send us an email at info@canyonmarket.com
CanyonEdmundo Hernandez, Kitchen Manager

Edmundo grew up in Chiapas, Mexico where grandmother has introduced him to cooking and taught him how to prepare many of the local southern Mexican dishes. Over the past 23 years in the U.S. Edmundo has worked with chefs and learned American, Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines. Prior to rejoining Janet and Richard for the opening of Canyon Market, he worked for 17 years for Oakville Grocery in Palo Alto, eight of them with Janet and Richard.

As kitchen manager, Edmundo is the mastermind behind the delicious recipes. He is in charge of holiday menus, of the nightly specials, the salad bar, all the ordering and inventory, and for training his 13 cooks. A huge job!

Edmundo enjoys running and biking in the hills of Bay Front Park and Menlo Park. His favorite music is classical and Mexican Romance. In the future Edmundo would like to write a cookbook with his best recipes and the experiences from the kitchen.
Canyon MarketMichael Meischke, Flower and Produce Buyer

Michael was born in Lakeport, CA. His father was a forest ranger and growing up, the family lived all over California, always in the mountains. Michael has worked at Canyon Market from the opening days, creating the produce department and helping to set the tone of the whole market. He has shifted his focus lately to the floral department, going to the market and the nurseries to pick up plants and flowers.

In 1971 he was drafted and served four years in the Navy, during the Vietnam war. When he got out he moved to Sacramento and opened an art gallery. In 1993, back in San Francisco, Michael opened MikeyTom Market with his partner Tom Maravilla. They closed the store in 2003.

On July 10, 2009 Michael and Tom became fathers to a little boy, Benjamin. Michael enjoys food, collects wine and loves flower gardening. In the future he would like to remodel the house and enjoy more time with his little boy.
Bill Foley, Front End Supervisor

Bill Foley grew up in Philadelphia, PA. and moved to San Francisco in 1976. He has 20-plus years in the restaurant business in San Francisco and Marin. Bill is our Front End Supervisor, making sure everything runs smoothly in and around the cash lanes. He finds customer service to be the most enjoyable part of his job, mostly because of our many (over 1200 per day!) friendly and very regular shoppers. One of the challenges of his position is to accommodate and coordinate the schedules for the many students that work as cashiers and baggers.

In his free time Bill enjoys playing golf, going to the baseball games with his son and spending time with family.

Bill says he hasn’t decided what he wants to do when he grows up. In the meantime he wants to enjoy life and keep busy, which he is able to do with no problem in our busy store!
Oscar Yedra

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