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Canyon MarketCanyon Market is owned by Janet and Richard Tarlov who are food industry veterans.This is our first store and is the fruit of several years of work, much of it on thefinancing and construction of the space that we occupy. We live just minutes awayand enjoy working and living in our community. With two young children, it helps tobe close to school and home, too. We and our fantastic, dedicated staff of 80 lovetalking with our customers and we look forward to meeting you in the store. We havean active suggestion box and suggestion board, or you can send us an email at info@canyonmarket.com

CanyonEdmundo Hernandez, Kitchen Manager

As kitchen manager, Edmundo is the mastermind behind the delicious recipes in ourprepared foods department. He is in charge of holiday menus, of the nightly specials,the salad bar, and for training his 13 cooks. A huge job!

Edmundo grew up in Chiapas, Mexico where his grandmother introduced him tocooking and taught him how to prepare many of the local southern Mexican dishes.Over the past 23 years in the U.S. Edmundo has worked with chefs and learnedAmerican, Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines. Prior to rejoining Janet and Richard for the opening of Canyon Market, he worked for 17 years for Oakville Grocery in Palo Alto, eight of them with Janet and Richard.

Edmundo enjoys running and biking in the hills of Bay Front Park and Menlo Park. Hisfavorite music is classical and Mexican Romance. In the future Edmundo would like towrite a cookbook with his best recipes and experiences from the kitchen.

CanyonBill Foley, Front End Supervisor

Bill Foley grew up in Philadelphia, PA. and moved to San Francisco in 1976. He has 20-plus years in the restaurant business in San Francisco and Marin. Bill is our Front End Supervisor, making sure everything runs smoothly in and around the cash lanes. He finds customer service to be the most enjoyable part of his job, mostly because of our many (over 1200 per day!) friendly and very regular shoppers. One of the challenges of his position is to accommodate and coordinate the schedules for the many students that work as cashiers and baggers.

In his free time Bill enjoys playing golf, going to the baseball games with his son and spending time with family.

Bill says he hasn’t decided what he wants to do when he grows up. In the mean time he wants to enjoy life and keep busy, which he is able to do with no problem in our busy store.

CanyonQuin Graddy, Grocery Buyer

Quin is one of our buyers on the grocery department team and has worked at the store since 2008. He purchases the specialty products from our small vendors and importers as well as manages the bulk foods department. Quin’s passion for food began with a bottle of rosewater. He had no knowledge about this ingredient, but started experimenting with it in cooking anyway. A British friend suggested a Tunisian dish that sounded intriguing. Assembling the ingredients became an odyssey, taking him to shops all over the Bay Area.

From that experience Quin built upon his food knowledge, guided by his curiosity and love of cooking. Quin gets a lot of satisfaction from helping people on their own food journeys: when people come to the store wanting to know how to make something,like an Indian curry, not knowing where to begin, he can guide them to what they need. It is especially rewarding when they return to the store and share the final product with him.

Quin is a San Francisco native. With a strong background in the arts, he started his career working with non-profits in The City and the East Bay. He has worked in schools on a range of artistic projects, from mixed media to murals to sculptures. He hopes to get involved in arts education work again someday. In his free time, Quin enjoys exploring the outdoors, photography, printmaking, and of course, cooking.

CanyonLyli Garcia, Assistant Store Manager

As assistant store manager, Lyli has her hands in everything: she could be cutting cheese behind the deli counter, cashiering up front, or cleaning up a spill in the aisles.What Lyli enjoys most about her work is being in customer service, developing staff members and seeing them grow, and of course the food!

Lyli grew up in the small town of Santa Maria, near Santa Barbara, and has been living in San Francisco for the past 10 years. Lyli brings to Canyon Market 8 years of managerial experience from Starbucks and attended California Culinary Academy for restaurant management. Right before working here, she was a preschool teacher in Noe Valley. Lyli is passionate about yoga, is an avid juicer, home canner, ocean diver,gardener, and loves cooking healthy food and drinking fine tea.

CanyonTim Snyder, Produce Buyer

Tim worked at the registers and coffee bar before settling in the produce department.His day involves starting early, stocking the shelves from the night before, unloading and checking quality of the new shipments that arrive, and assessing what needs to be ordered next. He has learned a lot about fruits and vegetables since working at Canyon Market--he tasted kale for the first time here-- and now cooks much more than he used to now that he is a produce buyer.

Tim is from Mt. Shasta, California. Before coming to Canyon Market, he worked mostly in construction, building decks for houses as well as in demolition. When he moved to The City, Glen Park was the first neighborhood he visited that reminded him of his own small town. In his free time, Tim is a self-described music nerd. He enjoys playing guitar in a hardcore band and educating himself in new music.

CanyonFredis Acosta, Prep Cook

Fredis has been with Canyon Market since 2007 and works in our kitchen. He makes many of our prepared food offerings, such as the popular pecan chicken tenders, as well as our special dishes for catering. He also oversees the daily production of soups served at the salad bar. Fredis began working here as a dishwasher. When he was offered to be a prep cook, he was excited learn something new and continues to build upon his skill set.

Originally from Choluteca, Honduras, Fredis helped his family farm by taking care of the cattle and horses. Later on, he served as security on a cantaloupe farm, guarding the crop from animal intruders. When Fredis is not at work, he likes to spend time with his two daughters and play soccer with friends.

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