Everything that goes into our house baked goods are made with fresh ingredients and organic flour, sugar, and eggs. We put nothing but the best into our creations and always have rotating specials to follow occasions & seasonal fruits. We've got brownies, bread pudding, cookies, tarts. and other treats to cure that good ol' sweet tooth.

In addition to the goodies baked in-house, we also support local & family bakeries by carrying their delectables as well. They range from butter flakey croissants to vegan cupcakes and donuts.


In our beer department we strive to have a variety of styles, brands and local brews.  From popular German beers to San Francisco born and raised breweries, our set is designed to appeal to a wide variety of beer drinkers.

If you are looking for a sessionable Pilsner, a high hopped Imperial IPA, or an alcoholic kombucha or root beer, come check out our selection and discover something new


All the loaves you'll see at Canyon Market are baked that day and are handmade from organic flours and grains. The bread bakers ply an ancient trade, seven days a week, practicing European and American techniques. We make baguettes, sandwich loaves, sourdough, whole wheat, multigrain, olive, walnut, rye, and a variety of daily specials.

We believe that by purchasing bulk foods you save more, waste less, and typically get product fresher than most packaged goods. A great quality of buying food in bulk is that you can get as little, or as much, as you need.

In our bulk department, we carry over 100 items covering the essentials: from dried grains and beans, to baking ingredients, to your favorite nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, granolas and cereal, to items like coffee, loose leaf teas, and a few specialty salts and spices. We are proud to say that almost all of what we offer in bulk is organic, and when possible fair trade and sourced locally. We choose to buy by these principles because they better sustain biodiversity in our environment, better support local communities where the food is grown, and provide safer, tastier, and healthier ingredients that make up the lives of you and your family.



We LOVE cheese! There's so many amazing options to choose from, we hardly know where to start! We know we don't have a massive cheese department like the bigger stores but we try to make every inch count. You can find something here to satisfy most of your cheesy urges--from stinky to blue to tangy and sharp to creamy and milky. There's some great values and some rare finds. If you want to taste, just ask! Need a different size piece, we're happy to accommodate!

Some of our favorite online resources for cheese fanatics include:

Cheese Society
CA Cheese Guild
Neals Yard Dairy
Eat Wisconsin Cheese
Culture Cheese Magazine
Mission Cheese

Coffee Bar

Our Coffee Bar has a variety of classic espresso drinks, teas and brewed coffees including a new roaster every month! All of our coffees and teas are fair trade and organically grown. We always use organic sugar and milk as well as soy & almond milk on hand for our dairy-free friends! This is where you'll also find sweet treats to pair nicely with your beverages, many of which are house-baked!

The standard coffee and tea not your go-to? We also have local kombucha-ery, Revive Kombucha on-tap, with rotating flavors to give you a carbonated boost of energy! Check out our full menu to see what else we offer at our beloved coffee bar.

Health & Beauty

You are definitely in good hands when you come to Canyon Market's health & beauty department. It consists of a wide range of ancient historical medicines such as ayurveda, Chinese herbals, eastern & western herbals and homeopathy. We also carry body building supplements, weight-loss remedies, and regular, basic maintenance supplements.

As for skin and hair care, we carry products without harsh chemicals or harmful additives. We try our best to research all of our products and make sure we supply kosher goods to our customers. And to top it all off, to help assist you with your health needs, we always have a certified vitamin & herb specialist on staff.

kitchen & DEli


Canyon Market's deli department serves an impressive array of hot and cold sandwiches (served on freshly baked house-made bread) from first thing in the morning until 8:30 at night. Choose from the dozens of savory sandwich options on our menu, or create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Either way, you're in for a treat.

In addition, we have a charcuterie case full of turkey, ham, and other fan favorites, as well as an impressive prosciutto and salami selection.

We also have an abundant variety of prepared foods, named San Francisco Magazine's 2017 Best of San Francisco. Our food represents many cultures such as Mexico, Italy, Mediterranean, as well as North and South Africa. We strive to use mainly organic produce and meats. We use spices from as far as Turkey, like the Aleppo pepper that we use for our Muhammara spread. We make our food with love and passion. 


The Canyon Market butcher department offers an array of local sustainable meat, fish and poultry products from local purveyors who have an excellent standard of quality and provide excellent proof of provenance. We strive to procure organic grass-fed beef, organic and/or natural free-range pork, lamb and poultry. Our fish is fresh from both farmed and un-farmed seafood vendors depending on the season. Our butcher team is highly qualified and is led by Oscar Yedra, who has trained butchers all over the world in the art of butchery, won numerous competitions for his expertise, and has been featured in cookbooks and magazines highlighting his accolades and skills.


Our team takes pride that the vast majority of our fresh produce is organically certified year-round. We choose organic because we take into consideration the healthfulness and flavor of the food we carry, the superior benefits to local biodiversity and ecosystem welfare that organic farming offers, and farmworkers’ labor conditions. We strive to bring you produce from a mix of large-scale organic farms consistently providing us modest prices as well as local small farms who send us fruits and veggies that look and taste like you found the cream of the crop from your favorite stall at the farmers’ market. 

Thanks to the support of the Glen Park neighborhood, we are able to take part in nurturing sustainable agriculture throughout California and along the greater West Coast.


We select what spirits to carry like we do any other item in the store: based on quality, environmental impact, and of course what the neighborhood wants to enjoy. From staple spirits to specialty spirits, we feature many local and small distilleries, as well as products sourced from organic ingredients from nearby growers.

Visit our curated spirits department located across from the chip aisle.


Canyon Market carries different types of wines from all around the world. Though we might not have the biggest space to house them all, they are an intimate selection with still plenty to try and love. We always have running specials so keep an eye out for those odds and ends, especially the discounted lovelies by the buffet bar. We also have wine tastings right here at the market every now and then, click the button below to stay updated when they do come around!