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Best Prepared Foods

“Prepared foods” describes a comforting purgatory that exists between eating out and cooking at home. It’s particularly comforting if the food is prepared by Canyon Market, where a display case the length of a tractor trailer is stocked with everything from enchilada pie and cochinita pibil to stacks of grilled eggplant and a quinoa risotto served in the form of a savory cake. Add to that Canyon’s impressive assortment of spreads and dips, and you have plenty of reasons to never patronize either restaurant or stove again. —2017

San Francisco’s Best Local Markets
by Neighborhood

This full-service grocery stocks mostly natural foods. At the robust cheese counter, they’ll cut anything to order. And they bake all of their own breads--with a different special each day of the week. (Dance the hora for challah Fridays!) —Allison McCarthy, 2016

Small yet full-service stores rise as appetite for community grows

"We're serving families that don't have another option to walk to in the immediate vicinity," says Richard. "We're really pushing our buyers to make sure that we are never out of Muir Glen chopped tomatoes and 2 percent milk." —Tara Duggan, 2014

The Best Grocery Stores in San Francisco

Canyon Market is the place to shop in Glen Park. The shop has an extensive seasonal produce offering, a lively deli with delectable prepared goods (everything from onion squash risotto and sesame noodle salad to grilled Thai curry game hens and ricotta spinach manicotti), bread that’s made in house and hard-to-find imported items like cured white anchovies from Spain. —Katie Sweeney, 2015

The 21 Coolest New Businesses
in San Francisco

The market has everything you could want in a grocery store: It host events, has in-store tastings, seasonal offerings, prepared foods — a very wide selection to meet your shopping needs.
—Melissa Stanger & Lauren Browning, 2014

Butchers Abroad

Yedra, a Butcher’s Guild member and Eat Real Festival Flying Knives Steer Butcher champion (that’s a mouthful!), is a bit of a butcher celebrity in the United States He appears in the new addition of Primal Cuts: Cooking With America’s Best Butchers, and has worked with Bill Niman for many years and helped make his Niman Ranch the great success it has become. —Marissa Guggiana & Tia Harrison, 2013

10 San Francisco Hidden Hot Spots for Kids

Hike through Glen Park Canyon and finish the trek with a tasty treat from Glen Canyon Market. —Collen Zarate, 2013

San Francisco’s Best Gourmet Food Stores

Glen Park’s answer to Bi-Rite in the Mission, Canyon Market specializes in hormone-free meat and organic produce. Canyon Market also makes delicious gourmet sandwiches and other prepared foods and gets it’s daily baked breads and desserts from Destination Bakery up the street (also not to be missed). —2011

Canyon Market Aims for Zero Waste

Running a complex business, while trying to be responsible environmental stewards and keeping down their operating costs, was a daunting challenge. —Bonnee Waldstein, 2010

District 8 Small Business of the Year

Additionally, they have been active members in their community, organizing community service events to improve and maintain the greater Glen Park area.  For this and their fantastic business model, I look forward to honoring Glen Canyon Market as the District 8 Small Business of the Year. —2012

Seeing San Francisco From a
Different Angle

A good day’s outing from Glen Park starts with breakfast at Tyger’s, a coffee shop at the corner of Diamond and Chenery Streets, north of the BART station, or at the fragrant and light-washed Destination Baking Company, a block east. Then, shop for picnic provisions at Canyon Market, on Diamond, followed by a leisurely hike up Glen Canyon.
—Nan K. Chase, 2oo9


Condos Go Shopping

Richard and Janet Tarlov were veterans of the upscale food business when they wrote a business plan for the first grocery store of their very own. Seasoned at some of the country's top gourmet markets, including Dean & DeLuca and Balducci's in Manhattan and the Oakville Grocery in Napa, they had learned a thing or two -- especially about real estate. —Sara Wykes, 2oo8


Canyon Market gets a little cameo in this 4th edition San Francisco guide book!

Our favorites included here all represent San Francisco’s West Coast style, love of the handcrafted and adventurous appetite. Use our picks as starting points, but let your curiosity guide you. If you get lost and accidentally wander into tourist central, allow us, through this guide, to get you back on course.

Category Spotlight:
Better Baking Out of the Box

At Canyon Market, San Francisco, Calif., products with better-for-you organic ingredient panels are what move off the shelf. “They do the best,” says grocery manager Jean Greenfield. 
“Now that companies are starting to use non-GMO and organic ingredients in the mix, people feel better about consuming these types of products like cakes and muffins, especially if they are going to give them to their kids,“ she continues.

San Francisco Green Businesses

SF Green Businesses go through a rigorous process focused on key areas of purchasing, use, and disposal to become sustainable on the following measures: Pollution prevention, Waste management, Conservation practices, Water and waste water management, & Energy efficiency.